Dan Cronin

The election of President Joe Biden brought a seismic shift in U.S. government policy toward climate change. In addition to signalling greater domestic action on the issue, Biden’s victory also raised hopes that on the international stage the U.S. would play a more active role.

November’s 26th Conference…

Dan Cronin

In this context, both supporters and opponents of acting on climate will invoke the GND. So, what exactly is the Green New Deal?

Since the mid-2000’s the phrase has been used by commentators like columnist Thomas Freidman and critics Van Jones to describe a large-scale mobilization to combat…

Kingsmill Bond

The exit of Trump removes the greatest impediment to the energy transition, and will unleash a great era of creativity and opportunity as the world figures out how to get the energy we want without the carbon we don’t.

The world has changed a lot since 2016, and…

Kingsmill Bond

A key tipping point was reached in 2019. Global demand for fossil fuels peaked and is unlikely ever to recover to its pre-crisis levels. The consequences are extremely profound for energy companies, financial markets and policymakers.

At heart, this is a technology transition. Look around you at the…

Dan Cronin

Given the 24 hour news cycle around the US Congressional and Presidential Election, it would be easy to focus only on what happens in Congress or who is the president when it comes to looking at how the U.S. government responds to a problem like climate change. …

Carbon Tracker Initiative

Carbon Tracker is an independent financial think tank that carries out in-depth analysis on the impact of the energy transition on financial markets.

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